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How Orangeries are changing lifestyles... contact

Just allow yourself to imagine for a few minutes a warm comfortable and elegant room, the day is one of those lushious balmy summer days when a welcome slight breeze wafts through the space, imagine being able to enjoy this feeling of warmth and comfort even on one of those sometime too long winter months, only then are you starting to imagine what an Orangery will give to your home.

For each modern house we can provide a contemporary look and for older properties we have a stunning range of traditional styles.

John Melling

Technical Services & Building Regulations

The Orangeries , Loggia's, Conservatories & Panoramic Sunrooms designed and built by Charles Christianson are all built to a technical design standard unheard of even a few years ago. With the advent of the agreement by UN countries to address global warming by reducing carbon emissions, Building Regulation standards continue to present design challenges to the construction industry.

The latest Document L1B (Oct10) and L2B (Oct10) incorporate the 2011 amendments and set out the standards required for compliance in the conservation of fuel and power. It is fair to say that the industry in general has struggled to keep up with the requirements of the latest Building Regulation Standards which are mandatory. At Charles Christianson we remain committed to achieve the highest standards of technical merit by designing in particular into our Orangeries levels of insulation that many within our industry cannot achieve.

By designing and achieving ever higher levels of insulation to our Orangery structures we are able to create for you an environment that demands only the very minimum of heating energy to provide a warm and comfortable living space, even on the darkest and coldest of winter days.

This commitment to reducing loss of heat and energy from the Orangeries that we build, ensures that you will benefit from perhaps what our clients refer to as "the warmest room in the house" whilst ensuring that as energy costs continue to rise, you will relax in the knowledge that only the very minimum of energy will be required to maintain a comfortable living space in your new Orangery, Loggia, Conservatory or Sunroom.

You may be interested to know that the level of loss of insulation is measured in "U-Value" and is expressed in "Watts per metre square K"(W/msqK) at bit technical we know, but if we work on the principle that the LOWER the U-Value the HIGHER the level of insulation, it is perhaps easy to understand.

Armed with this knowledge consider some facts for a moment:

  • Building Regulation in England, Wales & N.Ireland requires that the Flat Roof of your Orangery (or "Warm Roof" as it is referred) is required to achieve a minimum U-Value of 0.18W/msqK.
  • Building Regulation in Scotland however requires that the Flat Roof of your Orangery (or "Warm Roof" as it is referred) is required to achieve a minimum U-Value of 0.15W/msqK.
  • Fact: The majority of the industry Orangery flat roof designs fail to achieve this level of insulation, with many at best struggling to achieve a U-Value of 0.20 - 0.22 W/msqK!
  • Fact: The design of the Charles Christianson Orangery flat roof achieves a U-Value of 0.13 - 0.18* W/msqK!
  • Depending upon the depth of roof beam specified*.

Every House & Home Is Different

With stunning contemporary Orangery designs and more traditional Orangery designs to compliment the finest of homes, we inject a fusion of modern and traditional materials into every one, the ideas from Charles Christianson are boundless!

Every house and home is different and thankfully we all individual and have very different ideas on how we want our Orangery or new room to look and feel. It is quite often true that by living in our home, we can sometimes find it difficult to imagine a significant design change, perhaps because we are too familiar with our surroundings.

Our designers have a lifetime of experience in Orangery design and will often be able to see the solution to a specific design issue, providing you with the answer that has eluded you maybe for a long time.

Differing properties will often demand a very wide range of design ideas ranging from Modern Contemporary style Orangery that will have quite plain lines, perhaps quite "Chunky" even "Commercial" in feel and look.

The latest Bi-Folding Doors are often incorporated into Orangery and Orangeries design, offering the practical benefit of using just one door leaf to come and go or a pair to act as French Doors, however on those warmer summer days or at family functions, the whole wall of doors can be stacked away to provide a clear opening sometimes over 6 metres (20 feet) wide, bringing the garden into your home.

More traditional homes will often benefit from a design more in keeping with the age and style of the property. The Orangery lends itself perfectly to this concept with the introduction of simple fluted posts or more detailed Pilasters at the corners and within the framework, often framing the French Doors at either side. The fascia that surrounds the line of the roof, because Orangery roof design requires a deep "Warm Roof" construction, will be chosen for simplicity or, more often than not for bold contoured mouldings forming what we refer to as an "Enhanced" fascia design.

Our designers will be able to discuss these options in great detail with you and will then usually suggest that we move these design ideas into a range of illustration mediums we have available, beginning with hand-drawings onto a transparency which can be changed with a rubber and pencil to computer aided design (CAD).

Our artist "Billy" will often be asked to add watercolour to the finished drawings, bringing them to life with vibrant colours and an artistic flair, they are so very good you will be tempted to frame and hang the finished illustration, which will become a talking point to interested visitors.

We also engage the latest in design illustration technology by the use of 3D Imagery, the "Dusk" effects are amazing, illustrating how your new Orangery will look as the light fades and both internal and external lighting takes over. Finally we have available 3D Video "Walk Through" systems providing a virtual walk through of the proposed design, rarely seen before in our industry. Our Orangery designers will be able to advise you on the wide range of illustration facilities available from Charles Christianson.

Expanding your "Living Space"

Your living space can at last compliment your modern life - within our homes we are all seeking that space where the family as a whole can be together and we can keep a watchful eye on our young children or grandchildren yet still enjoying the benefits of that dreamed of kitchen design that now flows seamlessly out into the Orangery, a warm and bright living space which is the envy of all who experience it!

Our Orangery designs at Charles Christianson are more often an extension of the kitchen, by constructing your new Orangery often at the rear of your home the house wall dividing the new space from the kitchen is removed to provide a wide clear opening often over doubling the size of the original kitchen area into one big living space.

You will see from our "Case Studies" that this operation is something in which Charles Christianson Orangeries has an enormous amount of experience. We work closely with our Structural Engineer to ensure that the structural design is completely safe and fully compliant to Building Regulation, we have very innovative design experience which will continue to produce stunning design concepts for your Orangery that when complete creates an amazing open living space.

The length and size of beams required to give the required structural support will vary dependent upon the width of the opening and the structure it is supporting above, how far this beam will sit below the ceiling will be discussed with you before work commences. In some instances the beam can be hidden all together within the floor above but this will always require a detailed survey by our experts.

Our Orangeries Project Manager will be able to ensure the minimum of disruption to your normal routine whilst your new Orangery is built, although removal of the kitchen within a home, even for a short time can be disruptive, we work with you often providing a temporary facility to keep the house moving whist the alterations are completed.

Where a complete new kitchen is to be installed you will find our Project Manager essential, when required he will liaise with your chosen kitchen installers to ensure they receive the essential information so installation goes smoothly.

It is important to remember that most kitchen companies will not accept responsibility for the installation of the electrical power supplies and power points, hot and cold water supplies, drainage for sinks and washing appliances. They will also often not take responsibility for the connection of the appliances they supply to your mains electricity, water supply and drainage. Be careful to check the agreement with your kitchen supplier as these costs if unexpected can mount up! We are happy to advise you with your project in all these respects.

It is also important to understand fully Local Authority Planning requirements when planning your Orangery project and where Building Regulation Approval may be required. Living in an area of Conservation or an Area of Outstanding Beauty may require special permissions and submissions in order to comply and if your home is a Listed Building advice will need to be sought from your local Conservation Officer.

Charles Christianson can advise on all these aspects when planning a new Orangery and where required prepare and submit Planning Applications, applications for Building Regulation Approval, Listed Building Consent, Design and Access Statements and Heritage Statements whenever required.