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Do you currently own a conservatory?

Perhaps you’re in the process of purchasing one and weighing up your options in terms of customisable features? Either way, you have landed on this article for one reason: you want to know if a glass conservatory roof is any good.

Ultimately, the two most popular conservatory roof materials are polycarbonate and glass. Not long ago, the former was the material of choice. The main reasons for polycarbonate’s favour are they are generally energy-efficient and budget-friendly.

However, glass roofs have again become the primary choice for conservatory buyers. The following benefits will highlight why that’s the case.

A great source of natural light

Bringing natural light into your home is always a welcome bonus.

When you factor in that a conservatory roof is primarily glazed and features glass, it attracts a large amount of natural light. It’s not just your conservatory that benefits, either – it can also help to brighten up adjoining rooms.

Natural light also comes with additional advantages. Along with making your home more enjoyable to reside in, it also creates the illusions that your conservatory is airier and larger.

Beautiful view of the sky

You have a fantastic and hidden view of the sky above with a crystal-clear glass roof. So you can lay back, view the beautiful blue skies and clouds, the airplanes, the birds as they fly by, etc. Plus, with the temperamental UK weather, you can also enjoy a unique show of rainstorms, blizzards, and other conditions you’d instead sample while sitting comfortably inside!

Glass Conservatory Roof

Avoid long-term issues

As mentioned previously, polycarbonate used to be the flavour of the month for conservative roofs. However, this story soon changed once people realised that polycarbonate wasn’t quite as resilient as it first seemed.

Over time, polycarbonate has a tendency to warp. This can lead to some apparent issues. One is that it can let in a cold draught. The other, more damaging aspect – particularly to comfort levels – is that it can cause leaks.

A modern glass roof is known for being versatile and durable. The result: you’re unlikely to suffer from leaks or other issues over time.

They are low maintenance

When you’re thinking about modern conservatory ideas, it’s easy to overlook the point about maintenance and cleaning. However, if you can find a way to reduce these aspects, you want to take them – and that’s what you gain from modern glass conservatory roofs.

These roofs can feature self-cleaning glass. Along with rain helping to remove built-up debris, the advanced technology in the glass utilises the sun’s energy to burn dirt away.

Thermally efficient

Previously, glass roofs didn’t have a great reputation for keeping conservatories warm.

However, this is no longer an issue with the technology present in modern glass roofs. Yet you also don’t have to worry about getting too warm in the summer. Certain glass options allow you to reflect the sun’s rays once a comfortable temperature is reached.

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