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With so many UK residents now working from home due to the pandemic, more homeowners have turned to conservatories for their home workspace.

It is a great idea, as it helps separate your home life from your work life. Plus, conservatories provide plenty of natural light, ensuring a positive environment during your workday.

Below are some conservatory office ideas helping ensure it serves its purpose, providing you with an ideal workspace no matter the weather outside.

Use a Mix of Natural and Artificial Light

Due to the use of glass, conservatories let in a lot of light. It means that you do not have to use as many artificial lights to see what you are working on throughout the day. That does not mean you should rely on the sunlight, though. In the UK winter, it can get dark earlier than 4pm!

Natural Light

It is a good idea to control it with shutter blinds for natural light. Otherwise, you might end up with the sun in your eyes or on your computer while you try to reach a deadline. Here are the pros and cons of utilising natural light in your conservatory office:

– Natural light boosts mood
– Sunlight is free

– It only lasts a certain number of hours
– Harsh sunlight can interrupt work

Artificial Light

Artificial light is just as important as natural light for conservatories used as an office. Hanging a pendant light is a fantastic way to get an optimal amount of light throughout the room.

– You can switch them on and off
– You get to choose your light fittings

– Conservatories already provide natural light
– It costs more money to power

Conservatory Office Ideas

Choose a Nature-Themed Office

The benefit of using a conservatory as your home office is that it gets you in touch with nature. Boost this aesthetic by looking at modern conservatory ideas that mix well built, modern conservatories with a nature-inspired look. Do not forget to decorate with plants that will last all year round.

The best plants for UK conservatories:

– Hymenocallis
– Plumbago
– Aloe Vera
– Succulents

Go for Rustic Furnishings

To keep with the nature theme, go for rustic furnishings. In a home office, you will need:

– A Desk
– An Office Chair
– Storage

Materials like metal and wood will help you create that perfect rustic-nature aesthetic for your office conservatory. Mixed with the surrounding view of your garden outside, it will make the ideal setting for your daily tasks.

Side note: consider where your desk will face.

You want to avoid too much glare, so try to have it facing north or south.

Why choose a conservatory over a garden office?

A conservatory is an extension of your own home, which means it will be easier for you to reach your kitchen for that midday cup of coffee.

There is also the benefit of the natural light that boosts your mood. You are more likely to have an open, bright space with a conservatory than if you built a small garden office outside.

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