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A lean-to conservatory, also known as a Mediterranean conservatory, is a common type of conservatory you will often find attached to a UK home. They are defined by their sloping roofs and simple but efficient designs. For the right property, they make a perfect addition.

Here is all you need to know about a lean-to conservatory.

It is a Simple Style

Some conservatories are elaborate in their architecture and design, but not these. The roofs on lean-to conservatories are all the same – a simple slope that is higher where it meets the home. They look like they are leaning on the house itself. This simple design makes them much easier to build and usually requires a shorter amount of time to install than other types of conservatories.

They Are Smaller than the Average Conservatory

Conservatories can be huge.

Lean-to conservatories, though, tend to stick to the smaller side. Due to this, they are perfect for UK households that only have a limited amount of space available but still want to expand their floor space and home value. Not only do they attach to detached or semi-detached homes, but they can also be attached to terraces and bungalows.

This versatility makes them even more popular.

lean-to conservatory

It Shares More Walls with the Home

Many conservatories only share a single wall with the home, appearing separate. That is not the case with a modern lean-to conservatory. Instead, it often shares two or even three walls with the home.

Due to this, it appears more attached to the property itself and does not take up quite as much space.

They Are the Cheapest Option

There are a couple of reasons why the lean-to conservatory is generally the cheapest option.

It is easier to install, requires less glass, and takes up less space. Not only that, but the upkeep is more affordable because of the fewer glass panes than the average conservatory.

Rainwater Falls from it

One handy part of owning a lean-to conservatory rather than another style is that the sloped roof allows rainfall to slide off. It might seem like a little advantage, but this can make cleaning the conservatory roof easier.

In addition, fewer leaves and foliage will end up caught on the roof, resulting in mould and blockages.

Planning Permission

In the UK, you can usually install a lean-to conservatory onto your property without planning permission – although it is worth checking yourself.

As long as it does not cover over fifty per cent of your property area and stays within the boundaries, you should be good to go.

A Lean-To Conservatory Enhances Your Home

A lean-to conservatory is a no-fuss way to add a warm and spacious room to your property. They look great, are easy to maintain, and can be used for various room types.

So whether you want a quiet space to read in the summer or somewhere to grow sunlight-loving plants, a lean-to conservatory provides this without being too expensive or complicated.

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